This portal is used for all Research Services Council (RSC) faculty and graduate student grant applications, as well as Undergraduate Research submissions. 

Application portals are only visible during the application submission windows.

The Interactive Media Lab is open to all faculty for their research pursuits, as well as approved mentored-student projects. In order to use equipment, faculty and mentored-students must schedule a training (contact Caiti Smith at To utilize media lab student workers for research projects, a request must be made through this portal. The media lab workers will review your request within a week and schedule an appointment to meet. At this appointment a timeline will be discussed, as well as all methods, quality control checks, and deliverables for both the requester and the student workers. 

Lab Capabilities and Student Responsibilities:

-          Eye-tracking glasses and software are available for research projects. Student workers will assist faculty by running participants through protocols and ensuring data integrity, which will include data cleaning and analysis.

-          Content analysis of mediated content will be conducted via a high-end DVR setup. Student workers will help with programming machines based on queued job requests, as well as data analysis.

-          For qualitative research projects, creative activities, and experiments, a camcorder is housed in the lab along with audio accessories. Student workers are responsible for checking the camcorder out, training users, and assisting in editing of video products.

-          Qualitative analysis and transcription software are available in the lab and student workers are trained to assist faculty and other students in the use of these products, as well as helping with data entry, cleaning, and analysis.

The Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) is an instensive scholarly experience for undergraduates.  The program supports students in the design, conduct, and dissemination of original scholarly projects (research and creative works). Students are expected to work about 20 hours per week from the last week of May through the first week of August. Students should work with their mentor to develop an appropriate scholarly project.  Student and mentor must both be aware of and endorse the project design before submitting an application.

Students must be available to work about 20 hours per week, participate in meetings every Wednesday from 9am to 11am, participate in Field Trips May 29 - May 31, and present at the Fall Student Research Symposium in October. Weekly meetings will begin May 22. A student who is not able to meet these requirements will be ineligible for the program. 

Ends on February 28, 2019

This application is to be completed by UNK students wishing to present scholarly projects during Research Week. First authors will receive information about event logistics via email.  Please note that undergraduate students will present on April 4, and graduate students will present on April 5.

Funds are provided to assist graduate student presentations of research and creative projects at scholarly meetings.  Partial funding will be provided up to a maximum of $250, with the remainder expected of the student or department.  Documentation must be provided that the project has been accepted for presentation and that the student is presenting.  Students supported through this program are also expected to participate in the UNK Student Research Day held during the spring semester.  Support for multi-authored presentations may be reduced accordingly or limited to the first author.

Project Period: Current Fiscal Year

Funding Limit: $250

This program provides support for graduate student research and creative activity, including theses, field studies, and scholarly studies.  Awards are competitively selected, and can reach a sum of up to $750 to be used for operating expenses, supplies, travel, and equipment.  Partial support is expected from the department and/or student(s).  

Project Period: Current Fiscal Year

Funding Limit: $750
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